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About Flexxoliner
The bulk transport of light beads and granulates, like EPS, requires in regular transport systems additional measures with reference to containing the product and to pneumatically loading and unloading. 
For this application Flexxolutions manufactures a tailor-made reusable bulk inliner, the Flexxoliner.  These customized liners fit exactly in trucks, 20ft or 40ft ISO containers or articulated lorries and delivery vans. The Flexxoliner components, aerating fabrics or foils, will be chosen to meet the characteristics and bulk handling of the raw material. All Flexxoliner materials are electrical conductive and will therefore be no ignition hazard in ATEX ruled environments. 
The Flexxoliner can be easily removed, folded to a small pack and stored, thus making possible a flexible return transport of other goods on pallets or rolls.  
Why the Flexxoliner?
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 It transfers your normal truck, container, lorry or van into a bulk transport system for light products
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 Due to custom-sizing the inliner perfectly fits your truck, container, lorry or van
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 Worry free loading and unloading due to antistatic provisions
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