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About Flexxovalve
The Flexxovalve 1000W+ over– and underpressurevalve is designed to prevent unwanted over- or underpressure situations, which can occur in biogasplants and gastight silo's by releasing gas or allowing  air to enter into the system. The Flexxovalve 1000W+ can be set up to a pressure of +5.0 mbar and a maximum underpressure of -1.0 mbar. In normal situations the Flexxovalve 1000W+ is filled with water and at outside temperatures below +3 gr C with antifreezing liquid. In all of these extreme situations a gasflow of upto 1000 Nm3/h or an air inlet flow of minmum 1000 Nm3/h can be realized to protect your expensive plant. 
Our Flexxovalve 1000W+ is designed of SS-316 parts, and its principle is based on the dual reversed cap technology.
To check and monitor the liquid levels all external sight glasses and valves are part of our scope of supply. To minimize the effect of diluting of the anti-freezing liquid by condensing water from the (bio)gas we innovated (Dutch patent 2009842 and 2008636) the CDR (condensate discharge ring) in the main internal chamber. 
Specifications Flexxovalve 1000W+
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 Design pressure : -5.0 up to +10.0 mbar
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 Set pressure : -0.5 up to +3.5 mbar
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 Weight (empty) : 78 kg Height (incl. chimney) : 230 cm
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 Process connection : DN250 PN16
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 Material : W.No 1.4404/RVS-316
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 Gasflow : min. 1000 Nm3/h, up to 2000Nm3/h
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 Certified by German TÜV Rheinland


Click here to see the Flexxovalve 1000W+ leaflet

Click here to see the Flexxovalve 1000 leaflet


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