With the Flexxovalve, a pressure safety device from Flexxolutions, silo roofs & storage tanks are protected against over- and underpressure. Ideal for e.g. biogas plants and manure bags. This over and under pressure valve relieves built-up, impermissible pressure on closed silo roofs or liquid storage tanks. This pressure can occur during cleaning, filling, emptying, gas supply or due to thermal conditions. An over and under pressure valve can be used to prevent possible damage to the cover or silo. In addition, a vacuum in the tank must be compensated when the tank is emptied to prevent it from being sucked in. The Flexxovalve from Flexxolutions is an over and under pressure valve that is suitable for venting gas or admitting air in over and under pressure situations in biogas plants or gas-tight silos. The Flexxovalve is available in different versions, which offer protection for different pressures. The Flexxovalve over and under pressure valve is designed to ensure a maximum lifespan in all circumstances and is therefore extremly durable for our customers. This enables us to go for the best choice of material, through the application of tested components and through certified production and assembly.

Flexxovalve 1000W+ over onderdrukventiel 500x400 px -overonderdrukventiel-

why the flexxovalve and no regular over / under pressure valve?