nicosilo | flexxosilo

Need a (flexible) textile bag silo for storage? Discover the Nicosilo! This textile storage bag or bag silo ‘hangs’ in a frame and is ideal for the storage and transit of light bulk goods. The silo is quick and easy to set up, even in hard-to-reach places and especially suitable for indoors. For the frame, depending on the dimensions and maximum bulk weight, we choose a galvanised tubular steel frame or a customer-specific (galvanised or coated) profile frame. The Flexxosilo is the flexible, mobile, collapsible version of the well-known Nicosilo. This is also a pocket silo, only it is foldable. Both versions are suitable for the storage and transit of all kinds of light bulk goods, such as many granular materials expanded foam pellets and chips (EPS, EPE, EPP) and small plastic parts (caps, bottles). The fabric used in production depends on your needs and on the application. The Nicosilo and Flexxosilo have been designed to guarantee a maximum lifespan and therefore optimum payback for our customers in all circumstances. This enables us to go for the best choice of materials, through the application of tested components and through certified production and assembly.

why the nicosilo and not a regular pocket silo?