gas holder | gas storage

Der Flexxosphere Gasbehälter wurde entwickelt, um Gas zu speichern, das aus organischen Abfällen in einer Kläranlage oder Biogasanlage erzeugt wird. Diese Gaskugel ist so konzipiert, dass sie unter allen Umständen eine maximale Lebensdauer und damit eine optimale Amortisationszeit für unsere Kunden gewährleistet. Wir ermöglichen dies durch die Wahl der besten Materialien, die Verwendung geprüfter Komponenten und eine zertifizierte Produktion und Montage. Die Flexxosphere ist standardmäßig für Drücke zwischen 0 mbar und +15,0 mbar ausgelegt und kann einen temporären Druck von +20,0 mbar bewältigen. Höhere Drücke sind auf Anfrage möglich.

gas holder | gas storage

The Flexxosphere gas holder is designed to store gas generated from organic waste in a wastewater treatment plant or biogas plant. This gas holder is designed to ensure a maximum lifespan in all kinds of circumstances and is therefore extremely durable for our customers. We realise this by choosing the best materials, the application of tested components and by certified production and assembly. The Flexxosphere can withstand a standard pressure between 0 mbar and +15.0 mbar and can withstand a temporary pressure of +20.0 mbar. Higher pressures are possible on request.

Two Flexxosphere's next to each other in use for gas storage

why the flexxosphere and not a regular gas holder?


We have the entire chain of sales, R&D, project engineering, production and assembly in-house. This enables us to guarantee you the best quality at the best price.

Your wishes are most important to us. Our experts use our basic design to engineer your project. This ensures an optimal design at the lowest possible investment.

In addition to our sales experts, we also employ mechanical and chemical engineers and textile experts, as well as highly trained professionals in production, assembly and administration to provide you with the best advice.

Every project is customer specific. This keeps us sharp and that results in the very best gas holder for you!

We have been innovating in technical textiles products for decades. We know the market and its possibilities like no other and we cannot wait to share this this knowledge with you.

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Wondering what our Flexxosphere looks like in cross section?
Flexxosphere overview schematic translation Englisch

As you can see, the Flexxosphere consists of two membranes. The outer membrane retains its beautiful stable shape due to the operation of the fan. Because of the convex shape, the gas inside is well protected against external influences such as snow and wind. The inner membrane protects the variable gas storage. The over- / underpressure valve ensures safe operation.

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